How to Save Money on a New Roof

Roof replacement issues are serious whether you are a real estate investor, you own commercial property, or it’s your personal home. This is easily one of the most important repairs to perform and one of the most expensive as well. This can put a serious dent on your bottom line if you’re operating your business from home, and there are often no alternatives. So, what can you do to reduce costs? Here are a few ideas.

Shop Around

The first thing we suggest is that you start shopping around, but don’t go overboard. Look for at least three quotes from reputable contractors. If you want to know what makes a contractor reputable, one of the best ways to do so is to check their track record. Reviews are great, and you can ask for references as well, but one of the best indicators is how well they’re standing with the BBB. If you don’t know what this is, it is a customer advocacy group that allows people to leave formal complaints about a business. Businesses can choose to be registered or not, and the reviews are a bit more credible than those you’d find on Google.

People like, for instance, have been registered since 2013 and have amassed an A+ rating during that time. That’s usually a good sign of a team that takes their work seriously. Get a few quotes from services that have a good reputation like this one and ask for details to make sure that there will be no hidden fees.

Handle Some of the Work Yourself

There are many costs that are associated with removing and refitting a roof. One of them is waste removal. If you can manage to handle that part on your own, you may be able to save a few bucks. We’re not saying you should get on the roof and rip out shingles yourself. That would be dangerous and not worth it. Instead, you can arrange for the garbage container rental and fill it yourself. This is something that you can easily do on your own and doesn’t require much effort.

Learn About Different Materials

You also have to make sure that you start learning about different materials before you start searching for a contractor. You want to know which materials are the cheapest, but which ones will give you the greatest returns as well. If you’re using your home as a formal office, you may want it to look great, so you may not want to go for the cheapest option possible. However, if you’re strapped for cash, then asphalt shingles are the cheapest you can find. They won’t last as long but will cost you much less than other options and are cheap to install as well.

Get it Replaced at the Right Time

Roofers are usually at their busiest in the late months of summer and in the fall. So, if you contact them in the spring or winter, you might be able to get better deals. You’ll have more space for negotiation and some will even offer off-season discounts, so take advantage of this.

These are just a few tips that you can use to reduce your roof replacement costs. The most important part is working with a team you can trust and who has your best interests in mind.

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6 Things You Should NEVER Do In Bed

The average adult has sex roughly 54 times per year. If your averages have dropped off some during this period where meeting strangers has been frowned upon, you can still keep your appetite for sexual education satiated!

There are lots of lessons you can learn during intercourse and between sessions that can help you experience more pleasure, build better connections with your partners, and have a deeper appetite for sex.

Therein lies the purpose of sharing these relationship facts circulating what you should never do in bed! Keep reading to discover bedroom faux pas that is holding back your sex life.

1. Never Forget to Communicate

Sex is tricky in that different people have very different experiences with it.

One person might be turned on by something while that same thing may be detested by another partner. Someone might have complimented how great they felt when you tried a position that could cause another partner discomfort.

The best way to decode all of the variables that go into sex is to give your partner essential feedback during and feedback that can wait a little while after.

2. Fake Pleasure

We’re sorry to break it to you but you’re not as good of a performer as you think you are. If you make a habit out of faking organisms, chances are a partner is going to catch you and you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Nobody likes being lied to and when you fake organisms, that’s what you’re doing.

At the heart of the most helpful relationship facts is honesty so fall back on that whenever you’re in doubt on how to act in the bedroom. You can also explore more reasons why not to fake orgasms to further your education.

3. Fight for an Orgasm

Orgasms will either happen or they won’t during sex. If they don’t, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have rewarding intercourse. That is, of course, unless you spend all of your time in bed trying to push yourself or your partner to climax.

Feeling pressure in the bedroom is a buzzkill. Drop the expectations, take a few deep breaths and just have fun.

4. Hop on Your Phone

If there’s a bigger turn off than your partner checking their texts in the middle of sex, we certainly don’t know what it is. To that end, we implore you to please silence or at least ignore your phone when you’re in bed.

Just like when you’re driving, your texts can wait.

5. Create Bad Vibes

Don’t argue about sex or anything else when you’re in bed intending to be intimate with your partner. Doing this creates what we call “negative anchors” which can then make you feel upset and turned off anytime you think of sleeping with your partner or having sex at all.

Keep your bedroom positive and you’ll find that you feel a lot happier when opportunities to make love present themselves.

6. Be Unimaginative

There’s a whole world of things you can try in the realm of sex. Don’t limit yourself!

Be open with your partner and continue exploring new ways to keep your love life alive.

Our Relationship Facts Around Sex Have the Power to Revolutionize Your Intimacy

While reading relationship facts about sex can have a positive impact on your sex life, know that reading and doing are two entirely different things.

Take the time to put into practice the bedroom advice we’ve shared. Don’t let your newfound wisdom slip to the back burner. With intention, you’ll find that you get progressively better at managing the technical and psychological aspects of a healthy sex life.

For more insight into healthy intimate relationships, particularly as we all make the most out of working from home and staying safe, check out more of the newest content on our blog!

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How Much is Too Much? Your Kratom Dosage Chart

Did you know that Kratom is a tropical tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asia? You have probably heard that Kratom can help with depression and other conditions but the key is to not take too much. We have put together this Kratom dosage chart to help you learn more about how much Kratom to take.

Keep reading to become familiar with the correct dosage amounts.

How Much Is Too Much?

When you take Kratom, it will act differently with your body when you take a higher dose. You want to start off with taking a little bit at a time instead of too much at once.

The first time, you will want to take a small dose and wait 20-30 minutes to see if you feel the effects. If you do not feel the effects then take another gram or two and wait to see what effects you feel.

A mild dose of Kratom is 2 grams, a moderate dose equates to 4 grams and a high dose is 8 grams or more. If you are taking the kratom in powder form one teaspoon is around 4 grams.

Usually, when you take capsules they are .5 grams of kratom in each capsule but always double-check how many grams are in the capsules you buy because they might be 1 gram each. A reputable Kratom supplier such as will always disclose the amount of Kratom in their packages and capsules.

Water Is Your Friend

When you take Kratom you want to make sure that you stay as hydrated as possible because it tends to be dehydrating. It is similar to coffee in that sense. For the best results possible stay hydrated to keep you from having any bad side effects.


Kratom is a member of the coffee family and using it daily you will more than likely develop a tolerance to it and you might eventually crave it as well. If you notice that the dosage you normally take is not doing anything then you will need to take a higher dose in order to feel the same effects.

If you take Kratom sporadically then you will not have to worry about developing a tolerance to it. If you want to avoid developing a tolerance then try to only take Kratom 2-3 times per week.

Time to Put This Kratom Dosage Chart to Use

Now that we went over the kratom dosage chart, you can make an informed decision on how much kratom to take moving forward. Remember when you are taking kratom on an empty stomach, do not overdo it because you will feel the effects more.

Something else to keep in mind is that there are different kinds of Kratom and they each have varying levels of potency. The potency and your metabolism will play a role in the right dosage for you.

Enjoyed this blog post? Browse around the rest of this section for our latest.

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Common Mistakes You Can Make While Purchasing Vape Liquid

Most vaping devices come with a tank that you can fill with any liquid of your choice. So, it is pretty evident that numerous brands produce these e-liquids. Choosing the right one for you can then get tricky, given that you have so many options. You might also make a mistake or mess up while purchasing it. This article will tell you about those common mistakes and how not to make them. 

Not buying the right flavor

Many former-smokers only use tobacco-flavored e-liquid. However, this proves to be a fallacy since no tobacco flavor of any e-liquid can give you the same taste as a traditional cigarette. This is because e-liquid vapors use only food-grade ingredients for their flavor, and no combination of these food flavors can achieve the classic cigarette taste. Most vape shop neglect this fact and stick by their tobacco flavor. But if we go by statistics, the majority of vapers use non-tobacco flavors. This can be attributed to two reasons. E-liquid flavors like fruits and desserts are much more successful in capturing the flavors of these items. This flavoring makes the process more realistic. Also, as soon as someone vapes a candy or fruit flavor, they immediately know they can get their nicotine in this much healthy way. And there is this fact too that some vapers feel that leaving tobacco flavors helps former-smokers give up the cigarette for good. In case you need a vape that has an excellent flavor, you should try 

Choosing the wrong nicotine strength

There are two kinds of e-liquids—Freebase nicotine e-liquid and Nicotine salt e-liquid. The former often comes in strengths of 3 mg and 6 mg while the latter comes in 20-25 mg and 40-50 mg. With large vape devices that have a glass tank and replaceable coil, you should go for the 3 mg nicotine strength. You can increase this strength up to 6 mg if and only if you feel that 3 mg is not sufficient for you. Although, you will rarely feel this since these large vapes produce a lot of vapor and heavy nicotine users find 3 mg enough. Small vaping devices are most probably the ones with a refillable pod system. In this scenario, buy nicotine salt e-liquid and begin with a high nicotine concentration of about 40-50 mg. A small SOC enail kit with an e-liquid of nicotine strength of 50 mg has the same nicotine hit as tobacco smoke. Between a vaping session, if you feel that the nicotine dose is getting too much, it is advisable to lower the concentration. 

Not experimenting enough

If you were someone who used to smoke before you started vaping, there are high chances that you were loyal to one cigarette brand. After all, there is not much difference in two cigarettes from two different brands. If there are any differences, they are hardly noticeable. But with e-cigarettes, the situation changes completely. There are rarely any brands that have e-liquids with flavors having a similar taste. Each brand has something new to offer, something exciting. With one e-liquid, you’ll get the flavor of a vanilla cupcake. The other one will give you the essence of a ripe strawberry. With vapes, it would be foolish to develop loyalty towards one single brand. Just because you are afraid that you might end up buying the wrong flavor, you should never stop experimenting. You will never explore the full potential of your e-cigarette if you do not experiment. 

Not looking at the VG: PG ratio

There are five components of a vape juice. These are flavoring liquid, water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. The last two determine the effective quality of the vapor produced. They are mixed in a ratio which decides the vapor output. Usually, people go with a 50/50 ratio since it guarantees perfect vapor production. An e-liquid with a high-PG ratio produces thick vapor but less smoke. You should definitely go for this if you like intense flavors.  Whereas a high VG ratio gives you giant smoke clouds, but the vapor is thinner. With adequate experiments, you can develop a ratio that is more suited to your needs. 

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Supplement Packaging for a Modern World

As the world of supplement production grows and changes, so, too, should the packaging you use to get your brand out there on the shelves. Digital pouch printing has been around for years, and continues to reign supreme as the go-to method of packaging supplements. These easy-to-create, easy-to-shelve and easy-to-use products address a wide range of concerns that plague the modern business owner, and offer a wide variety of benefits not found in many other packaging types.

Extended Shelf Life

Short of storing your supplements in aluminum cans like other non-perishables, there’s little that extends the shelf-life of these products like flexible packaging. The package keeps your supplements fresh by:

  • Controlling the flow of air and gasses in/out of packaging
  • Blocking light with opaque colors and thick materials
  • Providing air-tight seals, sometimes in multiple layers

Each of these features serves to keep the supplements inside fresh inside a dark, dry environment. This is imperative when it comes to storing your product on the shelves in large stores where they might otherwise be exposed to both light and heat for long periods of time. These features also make flexible options of this sort ideal for natural food packaging for food items that don’t use chemicals for preservation.

Better Shelf Presence

Perhaps one of the best things about flexible pouch packaging is that it’s easy to display on shelves and takes up less space than bulkier boxes and bottles. Less space per product also means you’re able to get more on each shelf in each store, which means more sales in the long run. Furthermore, the pouches themselves can easily be printed in bright, bold, eye-catching colors and customized with logos so your brand’s presence is always well-noted, even at a glance.

Protecting Product Effectiveness

The main goal of your supplement packaging should be to keep the contents within effective and useful for the end user. By keeping out light, heat and humidity, flexible pouches prevent your supplements from undergoing accelerated degradation. This means that you can keep supplements effective throughout the storage period so that they still work as promised when they reach your customers in stores.

Safety First

Any business that produces consumables of any sort must adhere to regulations regarding the storage of its products as well as the production. Currently, this means making packaging for foods and supplements significantly difficult for any child under the age of 5 to open while still offering easy accessibility to adults. Flexible supplement packaging achieves this in a number of ways, including child-resistant zippers and tear-away seals that also serve as tamper evidence. Furthermore, these lightweight packages are easy to lift and store in high spaces to keep them out of reach of pets and children.

Integrate Flexible Packaging into Your Plan

From better safety to extended shelf life, flexible packaging is truly a boon for the modern business, especially those focusing on the production of organic, natural foods and supplements. Learn more about how this type of packaging can benefit your business, how they get the job done and how to get a short or medium run order of your own and start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.

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Top Techniques To Eliminate Fleas In Your Home

Fleas are usually attracted to animals, they’ll jump on board as your dog or cat passes and then make themselves at home. Unfortunately, they’ll also start to spread, leaving their eggs in the carpets and other soft furnishings around your home.

When these eggs hatch they’ll be looking for a host and if you’re unlucky enough to walk past first, it could well be you. Their bite is annoying, it will be itchy and is likely to cause a raised red lump. 

But, more worrying, is the fact that fleas actually carry disease, they could transmit bacteria to you when they bite you. Considering fleas are responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague, you probably don’t want to be bitten by them!

If you think you have a flea problem the best technique to ensure they are all eliminated is to call in the local exterminators, they’ll make sure your home is completely free of these pests.

You can click here to find out more about your local pest control experts.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, that’s why you need to employ the following techniques to eliminate the fleas from your home.

Treat Your Pets

The first step must be to treat your pets against fleas. You can buy drops from your local store or your vets. In general vets and pest control experts will have stronger drugs but there is no right or wrong solution, just the treatment that seems to work best for you and the fleas.


This unusual technique will only work if you have a severe infestation. You sprinkle the salt over the eggs and the areas where the fleas walk the most. The salt absorbs moisture around it, including moisture from the fleas. 

The result is fleas that lose their natural protection, they’ll chafe as they walk, cutting themselves and causing themselves to bleed to death. 

Flea Spray

This is one of those times that chemicals really are helpful. Simply pray all your soft furnishings and anything that belongs to your pet. The spray should kill fleas in all stages of their development.

You can also use these sprays on your pet, but, you’ll need to proceed with caution around the facial area.

A Decent Vacuum

You will need a vacuum that really sucks. If you have one then you can run it over the house, particularly where you have a flea issue. The vacuum will suck up the eggs and live fleas;

Of course, ideally, your vacuum should have a bag in it as you can then easily seal the bag and get rid of it.


You can actually make up your own trap. Simply add some detergent to a shallow bowl of water and place it under a lamp. The dish soap is deadly for fleas, they’ll hop in and be unable to escape, dying slowly in the process. You will need to measure the dish to ensure it’s not too deep, the fleas need a shallow edge bowl to ensure they land in the water.

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Dirt Bike Tire Buying Guide

Off-road riders know that the best experiences come from having the top equipment, from OEM atv parts to high-quality dirt bike tires. Getting the right rubber installed on your dirt bike can be the difference between enjoying a breathtaking landscape and kicking a flat tire. Consider these guidelines when picking the best motorcycle tires for off-roading:

Hard Terrain

These are mainly for recreational riders, as competitors are unlikely to find hard terrain motocross and supercross tracks. While riding across mountains or firmer desert floors, you need durable tires with thick rubber carcasses. Not only do they need to be strong, they also need big-time grip on surfaces with little traction.

The Michelin Starcross MH3 is a stellar example of a hard terrain model. Thick knobs resist chunking and tearing even if you’re starting on concrete. The tread pattern provides exceptional bite even at extreme lean angles. It’s also an excellent value for its performance.

Soft Terrain

At the opposite end of the spectrum, soft terrain tires are made from hard materials to provide traction in sand, mud, and loam. Soft surfaces cause a lot of wear, so the tough construction also prevents premature tread loss. The tread pattern often forms scoops to paddle your way through loose ground.  

For the best traction in slippery mud or bottomless sand, it doesn’t get much better than the Bridgestone M102. The narrow, flat knobs press into soft terrain for a firm grip. It may cost a little extra, but you notice the extra bite, especially when accelerating or breaking.

Intermediate Terrain

As you probably guessed, this is for everything in between tough rock floors or loose sand trails. More importantly, it’s for riders who may ride in a bit of both such as enduro or adventure competitors. The tread tends to be a compromise between soft and hard terrain tires.

Dunlop’s engineers achieved some real wizardry with the Geomax MX52. This versatile tire performs well on a variety of different tracks from muddy to firm. Durable materials give this tire long-lasting performance and extra stability when cornering.

Dual Sport

For the rider who does it all, dual sport tires let you ride on the street or off the road. These tires aren’t dedicated to one type of ground, with some having flatter tread for asphalt while others feature knobby dirt bike patterns. 

The Dunlop D605 Adventure is what gets termed a 50/50 tire – 50 percent off-road and 50 percent street. The blocks are more aggressive than sport bike tires but larger and flatter than dirt bike tread. Overall, it’s a high-quality tire that allows you to ride almost anywhere, if not as well as a specialized model.

Customize Your Ride

Getting the most out of your dirt bike rests on your tires. Attack loam with soft terrain wheels or enter an enduro competition on intermediate terrain rubber. For the most options, search through the biggest selection of dirt bike tires. A little searching can yield outstanding models for every kind of riding, including budget-conscious choices. Find the best tires for you and try them out on the terrain of your choice.

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Gambling in New Jersey

online casino

New Jersey is probably most famous around certain quarters for Atlantic City, a notorious gambling hotspot with casinos, hotels and architecture rivalling Las Vegas. Therefore it is of no real surprise to learn of the states documented past in breaking down the many legal barriers required, to be able to provide legalised and regulated gambling in the USA.

In a country where at the time, in 49 out of 50 states, players had forever been forced underground. To face the dark and dangerous repercussions that could potentially arise from losing (or even winning) against the wrong people. The first step moving towards legalization was successfully taken in 1969 when the state approved the first ever state lottery. Providing a much-needed boost to the economy, proceeds were used to fund education as well as building a number of schools. Due to the successful implementation of the state lottery, it was decided just seven years later to completely legalize gambling in the state of New Jersey in 1976. The proceeds gained through taxation would be used towards caring for the disabled and elderly. This resulted in the landscape of gambling options we see before us here today. As a result, an online casino in New Jersey is able to challenge their offline competitors. Now let’s take a look at the types of gambling now popular in New Jersey.

1. Land Casinos

After the state of New Jersey legalized gambling in 1976, it was just two years later until the very first land casino opened its doors to the public. A truly monumental time for gambling and gaming enthusiasts. This historic casino is known as the Resorts International Casino, based in Atlantic City, and is still open in the present day. Today, there are ten land casinos currently operating in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Offering plush facilities in a number of stunning locations, each one encompassing its own unique theme. From Rock and Roll to the American Ole West, East Coast gambling enthusiasts are continuing to flock here year on year.

2.  Sports Betting

Despite the state having legalized gambling some years earlier. A US law passed in 1992 proved to be a game changer for gambling and sports enthusiasts. A law which prohibited any bet being made on sports. However, a limited number of states were permitted to continue to provide sports bets, like Nevada.  Not in New Jersey, however, leaving a clear disadvantage for gambling organisations operating in the Atlantic City area. In 2011, New Jersey successfully won their right to bet on sports once again. However, more legal red tape caused seven more years of waiting. Until the first sports bet was made by Governor Phil Murphy in 2018. Now people are able to once again readily place bets on sports. Betting offices are available at all race tracks and casinos.

3. Online Casinos

Online Casinos

For those who wish to partake in the casino experience in the comfort of their own home. Online Casinos are becoming more and more popular in the current tech-savvy environment. Players have a whole plethora of different options and games to play. From card-based games like Poker and Blackjack, casino regulars like Roulette and Keno, to the extensive and varied list of Slot Machine games to play. Some online casinos also offer Sports Betting options as well as the option to bet on Virtual Sports, which run 24/7. If that wasn’t enough incentive, players are able to take much larger payout percentages. Not to mention Welcome Bonuses received after signing up.

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Ways to Prevent Fights from Escalating in a Brainstorming Session

When brainstorming for the next marketing strategy to use, it is inevitable for people within the marketing team to fight. Everyone has great ideas, and no one would want to give up. It is okay to have different views on what to do next to advertise the products you sell, but it does not mean you can allow fights to continue. If you fail to control the situation, it could get too personal. These tips will help ensure a healthy discussion.

Find a facilitator

You can facilitate the discussion, or you can have someone else in the team do it. The role of the facilitator is like a referee, to determine who will speak first and who will speak next. If someone is interrupting the other, the facilitator can step in. This person needs to be in control of the situation and pause the session if it gets ugly.

Avoid shutting people down

When someone says an idea is terrible, you need to step in and prevent it. The session needs to be open. At this point, you cannot judge one idea to be awful in favour of another. Brainstorming is useful to ensure as many ideas as possible come out before you start delving deeper into each suggestion. It also needs to be clear to those participating in the discussion that shutting an idea down is a big no.

Set rules

Even before the brainstorming session commences, it is crucial that you talk about what will happen and what the rules to follow are. You will have a smooth discussion if everyone agrees to the rules. You can even include the members of the team to determine the rules to follow to allow ownership.

Invite the right people

You need different views for the next marketing campaign. If you intend to use a trade show stand since you received an invitation to join a trade show, you need various viewpoints. You can invite someone from your marketing team. You can also have another one from your production team who knows the products well. You can also have some of the most senior employees who might have a different take on the ads along with the newest employees since they might have opinions that are without bias as they do not yet feel a strong attachment to the company. Hearing different voices could help promote a more productive discussion.

Set an agenda

You need to let everyone know what to talk about. You can even inform them before the session date so they can prepare. You would rather have people come with ideas than telling them on the spot. They can research the topics to discuss. They can also look for trade show stand samples and trade show displays that could work if you are taking that route. If you start the discussion, and no one has anything useful to contribute, the meeting will be useless.

Making a successful trade show display along with other marketing campaigns could be challenging. It helps if you listen to different people and respect what they have to say.

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Using Custom Promotional Products in a World of Fake News

These days there so many different versions of the “truth”. Business has been caught in the crossfire while politicians and the media fight for credibility, so much so that most people find it difficult to know what to believe. In the new, disconnected digital business environment consumers find it impossible to work out who to believe. With both sides pointing the finger and accusing each other of spreading “fake news” it’s hard to know the truth about anything anymore.

So how, in this era of uncertainty and fake news how can a small business have their marketing message taken seriously?

It might seem old fashioned but using promotional products is a proven way to avoid much of this confusion. When a business prospect holds something real, like a branded product they automatically reach an opinion of its practical value and a subjective, related emotional judgment of the whole. These personal impressions, both good and bad merge with any other preconceptions to form an overall attitude towards the brand with which the product is associated.

Branded merchandise, unlike other forms of business communication, does not rely on the manipulation of emotions to manage perceptions. The right promotional item creates a direct connection with consumers and allows you to avoid the negative impressions which come with the rising public cynicism in these days of “fake news”.

Managing consumer opinions of your brand and market offerings is the main purpose of promotional marketing. Billions are spent across the world every day on advertising but the final outcome can never be trusted to be exactly as planned. Research confirm using economical promotional products compared against more traditional forms of brand promotion reinforces positive perceptions. Particularly in the case in this day of digital communication few people with whom we do business are met face-to-face so doubts easily creep in. Branding something as simple to printed pens and handing them out to customers and business prospects is a way to escape the negative filters which dominate so much on-line chatter.

If you think about it, how can a good quality product with genuine practical value do anything for your brand but create a positive impression?

A good example of promotional marketing’s effectiveness is in the world of eco-friendly claims, about which consumer cynicism is growing. Many companies have realised it’s necessary to turn to physical products as a way of reinforcing their “green” company claims. So many organisations have unjustly claimed a clean, green reputation that there is great doubt about such claims amongst consumers. By simply offering your business contacts a branded item which reflects brand values and as an example, is made from recycled materials is now known to be more convincing that any number of bold claims made in general media advertising.

Unfortunately many people see a marketing world where bluster and misinformation is the norm so the simple act of placing a branded item in the hands of consumers creates an impression that no amount of online advertising can replicate. The simple reality of a physical product you hold in your hand cannot be denied.

It seems every year we spend less time engaging with each other and more time engaging with a screen, even now as we walk along the street. In this rapidly changing environment the simple act of handing your clients a useful branded product is a more powerful way to build and maintain relationships than ever. The temptation exists for all marketers to spend their budgets online. It’s easy to manage, analyse and assess; and can be scaled up or down in minutes. But keeping a foot in the “real” world, using promotional merchandise to connect with consumers is a proven way to leverage greater sales from your general advertising messaging.

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