Why Casinos Sponsor Sports Teams

If you look across sporting leagues you will see many stadiums, clubs, and even tournaments sponsored by casinos. Now when you see ads for real money pokies Australia you may not have a burning desire to go and play, but that isn’t what this is exactly about. In fact, in sponsoring sports teams, casinos are in fact investing in one of the smartest marketing tactics around. With an online casino real money can be won, and these are the casinos investing in sponsorship, as opposed to brick-and-mortar casinos. Let’s take a look at exactly why this is where the smart money goes. 

Sheer Competition

The main reason for this kind of investment is that the competitiveness in the online gambling market is at an all-time high. Anything that the casinos can do to get their name out there more than others is considered a smart investment. 


Not only are sports heavily covered on television and through streaming services, but they are also very often shared and repeated. This is yet another reason why investing in shirt sponsorship makes so much sense. All it takes is a sportsman or woman to do something spectacular wearing the name of a casino and that video would be shared far and wide. This costs the casino nothing extra, yet the impressions they would get from that cannot be measured. 

Added Offers

One approach that has proved to be very successful for many casinos is to tie in offers for their sportsbooks or casino games, in line with their sponsorship. For example, it may be that fans of a particular club get special deals at the casino sponsoring their team. All of these kinds of details make such a difference when it comes to marketing and they consistently sow seeds in the heads of potential customers. 

Making The Right Choice

Contrary to what so many believe, adverts around casinos and betting don’t generally encourage people to join in. What they do, however, is to motivate those who plan to bet or gamble anyway, to do so at the casino that features in the ads. 

Low Cost, High Return 

The two phrases that most marketeers wish to hear are low cost and high return, and that is just what sports sponsorship can provide casinos with. Relatively speaking the outlay is much less than other marketing campaigns and that is why we have seen such a rise in these kinds of sponsorship deals in recent years. 

Right on Brand

Marketing has always aimed to be on brand and although some campaigns have moved away from that at times, directing ads at the right demographic is everything. Through extensive research, we know that many who love sports also love gambling and wagering on sports. This is yet another reason why sponsoring sporting events and teams makes perfect sense for casinos. 

Once they have invested in the sponsorship deal, it is then up to the marketing teams to become as creative as they possibly can in order to gain more customers

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