Effective Ways to Manage Biosolids and Their Strong Odours

Residents who live near wastewater treatment plants, landfills or disposal sites will all complain about the inescapable odours that permeate the air. An effective way that facilities can manage these odours produced by biosolids is to get their hands on the right chemical solutions.

You may have noticed the stories of entire neighbourhoods being up in arms about the smell of waste nearby. Residents near Humber wastewater treatment raised concerns about the sewage plant odour infiltrating their public space — the smell discouraged them from leaving their homes and walking around outdoors. One person reported that the stink was so powerful that it wafted into his room and woke him up.

Similar frustrations happen with residents living near landfills and waste management facilities. After sending thousands of complaints, people who lived near the Orgaworld garbage and composting facilities demanded that their city deal with the odour issues that have been plaguing the area for years. It was proposed that the city extend its definition of a nuisance bylaw to include smell.

Much like noise pollution and smog, smell can affect people’s physical and mental health. People can suffer from persistent headaches, nausea and sleep deprivation when they breathe in the tainted air. It’s clear that the sensory disruption puts a lot of unnecessary stress on entire communities.

In order to avoid disturbing residents, wastewater treatment facilities can turn to the company CCC Chemicals for help. The supplier has a wide array of water cleaning chemical and wastewater treatment chemicals available, including corrosion inhibitors, ion exchange resins and oxidizers.

They have a team that is prepared to assist companies find the right solutions for their problems. If you are interested in looking at their portfolio, you can learn more at CCC Chemicals online or by contacting their specialized technical support team for additional information and specific product recommendations.

One of the options that is ideal for controlling and limiting odours produced by biosolids is Biologic SR2. These are plant-based micronutrients sourced from the manufacturer SciCorp International Corp because they can eliminate the biological reactions that create pungent smells during the waste deterioration process. The micronutrients are biodegradable, and they have a carbon footprint that is almost at net zero levels — these great features mean that facilities can shrink costs on odour control and energy spending.

Biologic SR2 is not specifically designed for wastewater treatment facilities. It can be inserted into misting systems for other types of facilities that deal with biosolids like landfills, transfer stations and garbage rooms.

The supplier has additional odour control products in their portfolio that companies can use to get positive and fast-acting results, like:

  • Activated carbon
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Permanganates
  • Calcium nitrate

Facilities need to manage odour produced by biosolids because members of the public, whether they live near the site or simply pass it regularly, will complain. They will send letters, make angry phone calls and fill up town halls in frustration. The only way to make everyone happy is to turn to chemical solutions that will dramatically limit the tenacity of the smell.

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Does Your Business Need Some Healthcare 101?

Think of this post as a course in American healthcare 101...

Photo by CC user 115089924@N02 on Flickr

With Obamacare having grabbed the headlines in recent years, many businesses (and individuals for that matter) have had to adjust how they go about doing things when it comes to healthcare.

The days of turning a blind eye to having health insurance are all but gone, especially given the fines now in place for those opting not to be covered.

With that being the case, both businesses and individuals need to be cognizant of the latest in healthcare rules and regulations, knowing how they are impacted with and without health insurance in 2016 and beyond.

One of the ways to better familiarize yourself with all the latest in healthcare initiatives is by turning to experts in the industry.

Learn from Those Who Truly Know

So that you can have a better grasp of what is going on in the healthcare world, turning to people with the necessary knowledge on health care topics at LeadingAuthorities.com or other such experts, you will be able to be more educated on this important part of life.

Such experts can brief both businesses and individuals on the healthcare field in general, where attention is still desperately needed to improve matters, what lawmakers and others are looking at in terms of potential rule changes, and how Obamacare is and isn’t assisting both patients and medical professionals now and potentially in the future.

Whether one turns to experts or not; business owners, medical professionals and consumers can all learn more about the importance of healthcare reform these last several years.

Breaking it down, here’s how the following can gain more knowledge:


  • Business owners – When it was announced several years ago that Obamacare was a done deal, many in the business community (especially smaller businesses) began to fret. What would they be responsible for as far as making sure their employees were covered? Would mandatory coverage perhaps lead to laying off employees or asking some of them to go from full-time to part-time? Would exorbitant costs ultimately lead to businesses going under? To this day, many business owners remain concerned about where health insurance is headed. For those who run businesses, having experts in the field come in and give a talk about the current state of affairs can certainly be beneficial;

  • Consumers – Even though many consumers (in the millions) lost their health insurance several years ago due to the beginning of Obamacare, millions of others gained healthcare coverage for the first time. That said many consumers still to this day struggle with affording their health insurance costs. If you’re one of those individuals (especially if you have a family to cover), it is important to learn about the different options on the table for you. If you decided to forgo health insurance, keep in mind that you will be find on a yearly basis. What started out as a fine of less than $100 just a few years ago is now several hundred dollars and growing yearly. Hearing from experts in the healthcare industry, especially as it relates to where costs and coverages may be headed, can assist individuals in what is best for them to do moving forward;

  • Medical professionals – For those in the medical profession, they are just as impacted as anyone else by the recent changes in health insurance. It is important to note that some (mostly doctors) have stated they might have to give up their practices to either retire early or go into other areas of the medical profession. Once again, doctors, nurses and others in the medical field are well-served by knowing as much about the current state of health insurance nationwide as anyone.

As the healthcare industry (especially as it pertains to health insurance) continues to evolve, millions of people would be wise to learn as much as possible about what is going on.

If they choose not to, they could be blindsided by higher costs and more regulations as time moves on.

With professionals out there who are well-versed in what is going on in the medical field, look to them today to see how they can help you individually or as a professional better understand the complicated world that is healthcare 101.


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The Best Home Workout Programs to Get Shredded

Get Riped

Tired of looking or just feeling bit flabby? There is no reason you can’t be in the best shape of your life regardless of age or excuses. No gym? No problem! Here are some of the best home workout programs to get shredded. Each one makes different promises but they all have one thing in common, sweat. So just because you are at home doesn’t mean you will be on the couch. Be prepared to work hard.
Get Shredded
Shortcut to Shred
Hosted by legend Jim Stoppani this six week program is designed for any skill level and will give you a fat free hard body. No one promises it will be easy though, nothing good ever is right? Jim is gonna kick your butt for six weeks but it will pay off when that butt is hard as ice. So if you aren’t afraid to sweat, give this program a try and get shredded.

Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer
Kris Gethin (or should we say Get-thin) doesn’t have time for your excuses, in fact that is his matter of fact philosophy: “No Excuses!” While this plan is probably for the intermediate to advance level given its intensity, expect to be in some of the best shape of your life following this 12 week training. Your friends will be asking who your personal trainer is and what gym you have been spending all your time at, having no idea you just stayed at home and were able to get shredded.

There is a reason p90X has become a household name. Short for “Power 90 Extreme this at home workout was created by Tony Horton and has gained incredible traction in the last decade. This program is suitable for beginners and combines  cross-fit style training with periodization along with a diet plan to ensure you will get maximum shape. The 90 in P90X also shows how many days it will take. While some programs offer a shorter span for results remember patience is a virtue. Follow the P90X program and in less than 3 months you will be in better shape than you ever though.
These are three solid programs if you want to get shredded. There are probably dozens more that work as well but there is one key factor in all of them, hard work. If you want to get rock hard abs, a toned core, biceps the size of pythons, you are going to have to work for it. That means waking up and doing the home workouts everyday. That means ditching the cheeseburgers and maybe doing the workouts twice in a day. So if you think you can handle it, try one of these work outs and be prepared to be the envy of your friends when they see how ripped you gotten.

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