6 Things You Should NEVER Do In Bed

The average adult has sex roughly 54 times per year. If your averages have dropped off some during this period where meeting strangers has been frowned upon, you can still keep your appetite for sexual education satiated!

There are lots of lessons you can learn during intercourse and between sessions that can help you experience more pleasure, build better connections with your partners, and have a deeper appetite for sex.

Therein lies the purpose of sharing these relationship facts circulating what you should never do in bed! Keep reading to discover bedroom faux pas that is holding back your sex life.

1. Never Forget to Communicate

Sex is tricky in that different people have very different experiences with it.

One person might be turned on by something while that same thing may be detested by another partner. Someone might have complimented how great they felt when you tried a position that could cause another partner discomfort.

The best way to decode all of the variables that go into sex is to give your partner essential feedback during and feedback that can wait a little while after.

2. Fake Pleasure

We’re sorry to break it to you but you’re not as good of a performer as you think you are. If you make a habit out of faking organisms, chances are a partner is going to catch you and you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Nobody likes being lied to and when you fake organisms, that’s what you’re doing.

At the heart of the most helpful relationship facts is honesty so fall back on that whenever you’re in doubt on how to act in the bedroom. You can also explore more reasons why not to fake orgasms to further your education.

3. Fight for an Orgasm

Orgasms will either happen or they won’t during sex. If they don’t, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have rewarding intercourse. That is, of course, unless you spend all of your time in bed trying to push yourself or your partner to climax.

Feeling pressure in the bedroom is a buzzkill. Drop the expectations, take a few deep breaths and just have fun.

4. Hop on Your Phone

If there’s a bigger turn off than your partner checking their texts in the middle of sex, we certainly don’t know what it is. To that end, we implore you to please silence or at least ignore your phone when you’re in bed.

Just like when you’re driving, your texts can wait.

5. Create Bad Vibes

Don’t argue about sex or anything else when you’re in bed intending to be intimate with your partner. Doing this creates what we call “negative anchors” which can then make you feel upset and turned off anytime you think of sleeping with your partner or having sex at all.

Keep your bedroom positive and you’ll find that you feel a lot happier when opportunities to make love present themselves.

6. Be Unimaginative

There’s a whole world of things you can try in the realm of sex. Don’t limit yourself!

Be open with your partner and continue exploring new ways to keep your love life alive.

Our Relationship Facts Around Sex Have the Power to Revolutionize Your Intimacy

While reading relationship facts about sex can have a positive impact on your sex life, know that reading and doing are two entirely different things.

Take the time to put into practice the bedroom advice we’ve shared. Don’t let your newfound wisdom slip to the back burner. With intention, you’ll find that you get progressively better at managing the technical and psychological aspects of a healthy sex life.

For more insight into healthy intimate relationships, particularly as we all make the most out of working from home and staying safe, check out more of the newest content on our blog!

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