Funnest Races in the UK in 2016

The Epsom Derby is one of the Funnest Races in the UK ... photo by CC user colinsite on Flickr

Heading to the United Kingdom in 2016 and want to take in some horse racing? While there are plenty of equestrian events to take in, some are more fun than others. Below, we will profile the funnest races in the UK, which is where we think you will have a most excellent time…

The Cheltenham Festival

Serving as one of Britain’s first major races of the season, the Cheltenham Festival is a race that you won’t want to miss if you are in the United Kingdom in March. One of the aspects that makes that Cheltenham Festival such a fun race to attend is the fact that it occurs so close to St Patrick’s Day.

As such, there are many people that come across from Ireland to attend the races in person, making for an atmosphere at the track and at the pub afterward that is unmatched by any horse racing event you’ll attend in England.

You’ll want to join the punters not only in a drink at the bar later, but also in placing a bet on a horse that you think will take all the money at the end of the day. If you do not know which horse to bet on, then making a note of the Cheltenham Festival 2016 betting odds & horses before heading to the track is a great way of making sure that the money you lay down is not wasted on a 100:1 long shot (that is unless you feel like taking a huge gamble for the fun of it 🙂 ).

The Grand National

Another race you’ll want to check out if you are in the United Kingdom in the month of April is the Grand National. Being a National Hunt race, which is one that takes the best elements of steeplechase racing that puts the best horse and rider combos to the test in having to negotiate a series of challenging fences, hedges, and ponds, it will be unlike any race that you have seen in your life to date. The talent pool will be a deep one, as this race series is the richest of all the Steeplechase events in Europe.

Epsom Derby

If you aren’t heading over to the United Kingdom until the middle of this year, then perhaps attending the Epsom Derby is something you may want to consider. A June race that pits 3 year old thoroughbreds against each other, it is the most prestigious of the five classic races in United Kingdom equestrian sports.

As such, the winner of this race enjoys a great deal of media attention, as it is seen as a proving ground for horses of that age. With a first place prize of more than a million pounds, the Epsom Derby boasts Britain’s richest payday at the top of the pyramid.

British Champions Day

Viewed as a season ending extravaganza for equestrian sports in the United Kingdom, British Champions Day is a spectacle that fall visitors to the UK simply cannot ignore.

Held in October, the series of races that occur over this day is the richest of them all in the United Kingdom, with over 3 million pounds in prizes for all jockeys involved.

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