Common Mistakes You Can Make While Purchasing Vape Liquid

Most vaping devices come with a tank that you can fill with any liquid of your choice. So, it is pretty evident that numerous brands produce these e-liquids. Choosing the right one for you can then get tricky, given that you have so many options. You might also make a mistake or mess up while purchasing it. This article will tell you about those common mistakes and how not to make them. 

Not buying the right flavor

Many former-smokers only use tobacco-flavored e-liquid. However, this proves to be a fallacy since no tobacco flavor of any e-liquid can give you the same taste as a traditional cigarette. This is because e-liquid vapors use only food-grade ingredients for their flavor, and no combination of these food flavors can achieve the classic cigarette taste. Most vape shop neglect this fact and stick by their tobacco flavor. But if we go by statistics, the majority of vapers use non-tobacco flavors. This can be attributed to two reasons. E-liquid flavors like fruits and desserts are much more successful in capturing the flavors of these items. This flavoring makes the process more realistic. Also, as soon as someone vapes a candy or fruit flavor, they immediately know they can get their nicotine in this much healthy way. And there is this fact too that some vapers feel that leaving tobacco flavors helps former-smokers give up the cigarette for good. In case you need a vape that has an excellent flavor, you should try 

Choosing the wrong nicotine strength

There are two kinds of e-liquids—Freebase nicotine e-liquid and Nicotine salt e-liquid. The former often comes in strengths of 3 mg and 6 mg while the latter comes in 20-25 mg and 40-50 mg. With large vape devices that have a glass tank and replaceable coil, you should go for the 3 mg nicotine strength. You can increase this strength up to 6 mg if and only if you feel that 3 mg is not sufficient for you. Although, you will rarely feel this since these large vapes produce a lot of vapor and heavy nicotine users find 3 mg enough. Small vaping devices are most probably the ones with a refillable pod system. In this scenario, buy nicotine salt e-liquid and begin with a high nicotine concentration of about 40-50 mg. A small SOC enail kit with an e-liquid of nicotine strength of 50 mg has the same nicotine hit as tobacco smoke. Between a vaping session, if you feel that the nicotine dose is getting too much, it is advisable to lower the concentration. 

Not experimenting enough

If you were someone who used to smoke before you started vaping, there are high chances that you were loyal to one cigarette brand. After all, there is not much difference in two cigarettes from two different brands. If there are any differences, they are hardly noticeable. But with e-cigarettes, the situation changes completely. There are rarely any brands that have e-liquids with flavors having a similar taste. Each brand has something new to offer, something exciting. With one e-liquid, you’ll get the flavor of a vanilla cupcake. The other one will give you the essence of a ripe strawberry. With vapes, it would be foolish to develop loyalty towards one single brand. Just because you are afraid that you might end up buying the wrong flavor, you should never stop experimenting. You will never explore the full potential of your e-cigarette if you do not experiment. 

Not looking at the VG: PG ratio

There are five components of a vape juice. These are flavoring liquid, water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. The last two determine the effective quality of the vapor produced. They are mixed in a ratio which decides the vapor output. Usually, people go with a 50/50 ratio since it guarantees perfect vapor production. An e-liquid with a high-PG ratio produces thick vapor but less smoke. You should definitely go for this if you like intense flavors.  Whereas a high VG ratio gives you giant smoke clouds, but the vapor is thinner. With adequate experiments, you can develop a ratio that is more suited to your needs. 

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