5 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

Nobody is immune to a car accident no matter how careful you are as a driver. At any point in time, there are hundreds of drivers on the road trying to get from point A to B. Most drivers obey traffic rules and maintain good, safe road ethics. While others don’t. When you get involved in an accident, whether caused by you, someone else, or any external factor beyond your control, you must stop, call the authorities, consult with a lawyer, and seek medical attention. Accidents have been known to ruin people’s lives physically, emotionally, and financially. It is important to hire a good attorney to help you.

Here’s how you should go about it.

1. Stop, wait and help others involved or prevent further accidents

No matter how little an accident is, once you are involved, you must stop. You might be tempted to flee if it seems like a little accident but that only makes things worse. You will be charged with a hit-and-run misdemeanor. If you are unhurt, clear the road if you determine it will prevent further accidents from happening and help the other people involved as best as you can. Then call for help.

2. Call the essentials

The essential authority to call is the police. The police can coordinate emergency services based on the situation. If there is a fire, the fire service will be called upon. If anyone is hurt, an ambulance will be called. The next call you make should be to an attorney. This is to protect your rights. Giving unadvised statements might put you in trouble or at risk of losing your insurance claim.

3. Take pictures/videos and keep all records

People remember things differently, especially after a shocking event like a car accident. Try to document everything that happened as accurately as you can. Take pictures and videos of the scene, your car, injuries, and other people’s statements. Keep any medical and repair receipts for future reference. Your attorney, the police, or your insurance company might need them.

4. Inform your insurance

The car accident lawyers at Johnston Law Firm are experts at dealing with insurance claims and protecting your rights with the police. Insurance companies are typically slow and reluctant in processing claims. Hiring an aggressive car accident lawyer armed with your detailed records of pictures, videos, statements, and receipts can expedite your claim so you can get back on your feet in no time.

5. See a doctor and get checked out

This is the most important thing you ought to do. See a doctor and get checked out. You might feel fine initially. The adrenalin could give you a false sense of assurance that you are fine. However, there are internal injuries to worry about. Once checked out, remember to keep your medical report and bills.

Your health should be your top priority. Do not exaggerate your injuries or the accident in order to increase your claim. This could harm your case. Always consult with your lawyer before speaking with the police, your employer, and the insurance company. Your lawyer can help you avoid any criminal charges, reimbursement of lost wages, medical bills, and any other cost you may have incurred.

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