Donations to Charitable Institutions

Momentum Ventures, a venture capitalist firm based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada,had been keeping busy with a variety of initiatives that aim to create a positive impact on their environment and help the causes they care about. Last 2016, Momentum Ventures had started handing out monetary donations to charities and society organisations that they believe in, just like they believe in their own subsidiary businesses. Distributed throughout 2016 is a total of $75,000 in cash donations which is an amount that Momentum Ventures employees voted for, along with their chosen charities.


In February of that year, the company donated a total of $25,500 to the Canadian Cancer Society, and then $25,000 to Unicef Canada in March 2016. “With the Canadian Cancer Society donation made earlier this year we were able to help make a donation that could help people across Canada, with this donation [Unicef Canada] we are able to extend our helping hand to those across the world,” Momentum Ventures CEO Matthew Keezer said of the latter, adding, “we look forward to future donations to worthy causes over the course of 2016.”

Companies that had established themselves in the industry have a tendency towards giving back to their community, being more generous to and creating a work-friendlier environment for their employees, or finding causes they could align themselves with their growth:

On top of the 2016 donations, CEO Matt Keezer and his team extended their season’s greetings to two Montreal families to have a merry Christmas with a combined $3,600 in material benefits and assistance covering winter clothing, toys, transit passes, and other essentials. Under Keezer’s management, the company also initiated a 50% car subsidy to make purchasing eco-friendly hybrid and electric cars more of a reality, in consecutive years’ moves to make Momentum Ventures an environmentally- and socially-friendly workplace.

Introducing the Momentum Ventures Background


Momentum Ventures has had a 100% proven track record in launching successful businesses ever since they started in 2007. As a venture capitalist company, they had attempted to introduce seven new businesses and all seven were consecutive successes. Their flagship brands and most popular ones include online travel businesses JustFly and FlightHub: JustFly is an online travel agency launched in 2014 that caters travel needs to the American demographic while FlightHub was launched in 2012, and has been Momentum Ventures’ biggest success to date, generating more than $1.5 billion in annual sales and serving millions of travelling Canadians yearly.



Momentum Ventures is growing as one of the firms that makes a difference and approaches their business differently. The company’s winning streak is pushed by the strength of their endeavours as a team and as an enterprise. CEO Matthew Keezer had noted the importance they place on their personnel, and their winning strategy includes the people they value and what their team is passionate about.

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