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Sample Creativity Workshop Proposal

Here’s a proposal for a workshop called “Fostering Creativity in the Workplace” that I wrote for the annual conference for the BC Human Resource Management Association.
When you write a workshop proposal, the most important thing is to address the key points that the organization wants. You’ll find these key points listed in the “Call for Proposals” that the organization sends out.
To increase your chances of being selected, make it easy for the selection committee to see your answers to the key points. Use sub-headings, bolding, bullet points and short paragraphs to make the key points stand out.
In the sample below, the headings that are bolded are the key points that the conference selection committee specified they wanted addressed.
Remember, a proposal is a lot like a resume: it needs to concise and “scannable” because the reviewers will only give it a quick glance to start.
Feel free to use this sample as a template for your own workshop proposal.
Proposed Workshop Topic
“Fostering Creativity in the Workplace”.
Workshop Overview
While many organizations say they value creativity, in practice they undermine this message by failing to support creative ideas. Most organizations have plenty of people who are quick to point out why a new idea won’t work. This discourages creativity and stifles the emergence of innovative ideas. In this workshop, learn how to develop an organizational culture where employees apply their creativity to help achieve the goals of the organization.
Learning Outcomes
During this workshop participants will:
– broaden their definition of creativity
– get an overview of current research on the link between individual creativity, employee wellness, and organizational effectiveness
– learn about influences that discourage creativity in the workplace
– discuss ways to encourage creativity in the workplace
– receive a list of resources for further learning
Workshop Format
My style is highly interactive. I prefer to use a flipchart and elicit content and examples from the participants. I would prefer a room with enough space so that people could break into small groups for discussion.
This workshop is designed to be 90 minutes long.
Speaker’s Expertise
Barbra Sundquist works as a consultant and coach with corporations, businesses, and individuals. She started her own human resource management consulting practice 15 years ago, and has successfully brought her knowledge of people and her skill as a change agent to a wide range of clients. Her greatest strengths are her ability to listen deeply, clarify issues and structure practical solutions.
Barbra has been on the faculty of Malaspina University-College as a lecturer in human resource management, organizational behaviour and entrepreneurship. She received her B.A. in Psychology and her M.P.A. (Masters in Public Administration) from the University of Victoria. Barbra is a member of the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association.
Barbra has studied Fine Arts and has been exhibiting her work in BC and Yukon since 1993. In addition to her own painting, she is passionate about introducing the expressive arts to people in all walks of life. Her workshops focus on using the expressive arts for self-discovery, organizational effectiveness and leadership development.
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  • Pugh December 15, 2011, 1:52 am

    thanks for sharing this workshop proposal. It gives me something to get started with. I need to remember to only cover the key points that the conference selection committee specified they want addressed.

  • MIMS February 12, 2012, 6:53 pm